Some Positivity in this Pandemic

Some Positivity in this Pandemic

By Ceara Carney

Welcome to the first Book of Leaves podcast episode of 2020. What a time to be alive eh?

I wanted to ease into this season with a little message of positivity in this crazy time. I talk a little bit about mental health and suggestions for things to do to keep you busy and also talk about how it's OK to do absolutely nothing! And I read a poem for you because why not?I'll link particular suggestions I made below so you can find them. Stay home, stay safe, sending you lots of love. X

Documentary Suggestions:

Cowspiracy.The True Cost.Minimalism.

Charity Suggestions:

Dublin Simon Community.Alone.Childline.Irish Cancer Society.Civic Theatre Artist Emergency Relief Fund.

Gardening suggestions, check out Episode 15 for ideas to help biodiversity.

Download or sign up to Duolingo to learn a language. 

Follow accounts like Sustainable Fashion Dublin for upcycling activities to do at home.

If you can afford to contribute to the running of this podcast, you can do that here!X


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