Consumer Culture & Decluttering - Emma Gleeson

Consumer Culture & Decluttering - Emma Gleeson

By Ceara Carney

Emma Gleeson is a professional declutterer with a background in fashion. The research she did into the psychology of consuming things makes this episode an interesting one! We chatted about a whole host if things including:

How Emma came to work as a sustainable advocate.The psychology behind why we buy things and why it makes us feel good.How Emma's approach to decluttering works.Where things should go when you're letting go of them.Why we find it hard to part with some "sticky" items.Dealing with stuff on specific holidays.Organizing your children's toys.Decluttering your wardrobe.Tips for your mental health while decluttering.

Charities & Businesses Mentioned:

The Environmental Justice (Listen to Pat from Reuzi's episode here).Sustainable Fashion Dublin.Friends of the Earth.Focus Ireland.Stripe & Stare.Clutter Bug.

Information Resources Mentioned:

Zygmunt Bauman - Liquid Modernity.Hedonic Treadmill.Alain de Botton - Status Anxiety (Book).Naomi Klein - No Logo (Book).Lucy Siegle - To Die For (Book).Kate Fletcher - Sustainable Fashion Researcher & Writer (Local Wisdom Project).


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