The Native Seals & Why a lot need Rescuing - Melanie, Seal Rescue Ireland

The Native Seals & Why a lot need Rescuing - Melanie, Seal Rescue Ireland

By Ceara Carney

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Seal Rescue Ireland in Courtown to interview Melanie. Her extensive knowledge of conservation made this a really enjoyable educational episode, although sometimes very saddening due to how Seals are suffering at the hands of humans. Have a listen, share it around and be the eyes and ears of SRI when you're out along the coast.

We covered:

Melanie's background before coming to work for Seal Rescue Ireland.Facts about the seals that are native to Ireland and how their populations have fared over the years.Why SRI end up needing to rehabilitate seals.How pollutants end up in the sea and what we can do to stop them.The importance planting trees, particularly Riparian buffers, has on the health of the sea.The relationship between seal conservationists and the fishing industry.The benefits of Eco-Tourism.How SRI rehabilitate their seals and releases them.

What to do if you see a seal on the beach:

Stay at least 100 metres away.Call SRI's hotline number: +353(0)87 1955393.Keep your dog on a short lead.Do NOT approach the seal or try drag it into the sea!

Adopt a Seal here. Your adoption certificate will be e-mailed to you as well as regular updates!

Mentioned in Intro:

Climate Queens Ireland.Fridays for Future Ireland.Extinction Rebellion Ireland and Rebellion Week (7th-13th October). Get bonus content on Patreon

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