Cloth Nappies: the "How"s and "Why"s - Annie Byrne, Cloth Nappy Library Ireland

Cloth Nappies: the "How"s and "Why"s - Annie Byrne, Cloth Nappy Library Ireland

By Ceara Carney

In this episode I give a brief mention about the Amazon Fire and what we can do about it before getting down and dirty with all things nappy related with Annie from Cloth Nappy Library Ireland. Whether you're a current or soon-to-be parent or know someone who is, or just like learning new things, this episode is for you.

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The two of us chat about:

A bit about Annie, her background and why she made the switch to cloth nappies.The different types of cloth nappies from Birth to Potty to All in Ones (see the pic below!).How often you change and clean them (and how to clean them!).The try before you buy scheme.How the loans at Cloth Nappy Library Ireland work.Using reusable wipes/cloths.Advice for parents on a sustainable journey.Donating nappies.

Events, Groups & Meet-Ups Mentioned:

Nappucino Coffee mornings (find out more in your local Cloth Nappy Chat facebook group).Earth Baby Fair.Baby Wearing Ireland - Wear a Hug Fair.Friends of Breastfeeding.Cloth Nappy Chat (Facebook).Tidy Towns Leixlip - Be Green Fair.The Baby Market.

Where to find some beautiful cloth nappies as mentioned by Annie:

The Filling Shop (Galway).Happy Baby (Gorey).Earth Mother (online store).

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