Researching Sustainable Eating - Simone Tiso

Researching Sustainable Eating - Simone Tiso

By Ceara Carney

In episode 6 we talk to Simone Tiso, a multi-talented human, who takes the time to share some of the research he's built up over the years on sustainable eating.

We cover:

Simone's background in Italy.How he came to live in Ireland.The differences he noticed in sustainability between here and Italy.What The Lead Forge is and why he set it up.How relying on dairy and beef in Ireland is affecting us.A brief look at Factory Farming in Ireland.The Almond tree problem in California.How Positively Eventful came about.Basic tips for becoming or eating vegan.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

An Inconvenient Truth.Cowspiracy.The China Study.Anonymous for the Voiceless.Dr. Gregor - How not to Die.Dr. McDougall.Dr. Colin Campbell.

IPCC Intergovernmental Governmental Panel on Climate Change Report

World Watch report on Livestock and Climate Change (On the Longshadow of Livestock report by the UN FAO)


Businesses Mentioned:

Lion.L Raw Kitchen.Little Blue Frog Chocolates. Cork Crafts.Malay Kitchen.


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