Truss does Trump

Truss does Trump

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Prime minister Liz Truss closed her conference with a speech about things she hated. These included people from north London townhouses who taxi to the BBC, tweet and go on podcasts. So Jon - who is all of these - is feeling slightly wounded.

She coined a new phrase for her collective dislikes, “the anti growth coalition“ - a phrase that rather reminded us of Donald Trump's old playlist,“enemies of the people". As she talked, protests from Greenpeace tried to disrupt the speech - but may actually have given her more purpose.

We look at the ideology behind the speech, whether it can unite the country and save her own political fortunes.

And we talk to Mark Littlewood, the head of free market think tank IEA, and yes - we do ask him who funds them.

Production: Ellie Clifford

Planning: Melissa Tutesigensi

Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

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