Will the lights go out on us and Truss?

Will the lights go out on us and Truss?

By Global

The National Grid has warned that British households could face power blackouts this winter, if the energy crisis exacerbates. But Liz Truss' government has ruled out any energy conservation campaign. Why?

And it's been a hectic few weeks at the major party conferences, but what do the voters really think of the state of politics? Lewis went to a focus group in Swindon to ask what they make of Liz Truss and her opposite number Keir Starmer.

Polly Billington, former Special Advisor to Ed Miliband, and Luke Tryl, former special advisor to ex-Conservative minister Nicky Morgan, and current director of public opinion research agency More in Common are with him to dissect the results.

Production: Gabriel Radus & Ellie Clifford

Planning: Melissa Tutesigensi

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