Ep.14 'I wanted to hold a pen, not a gun' - Activist Jaz O'Hara on the Reality of The Refugee Crisis

Ep.14 'I wanted to hold a pen, not a gun' - Activist Jaz O'Hara on the Reality of The Refugee Crisis

By Grace Beverley

Jaz O’Hara is the founder of The Worldwide Tribe, an organisation and online community committed to supporting refugees and asylum seekers globally. The platform uses methods of innovative storytelling to share the narratives of refugees embedded in the crisis, inspiring others to get active and inform a new lease for change. Since its founding in 2015, The Worldwide Tribe has been met with overwhelming love and support by its followers, physical and monetary donations inundated by concern and care for the refugee crisis.

Jaz’s devotion to The Worldwide Tribe is inspired penultimately by her adopted younger brother Mez, an Eritrean who made a dangerous voyage across the world to flee compulsory military service. Amazed by her brother’s story, Jaz made a life-changing visit to a refugee camp in Calais, where she saw first-hand the terrifying conditions and extreme challenges that she realised all refugees have in common. Arriving back in the UK Jaz quit her job in fashion and devoted her career to the refugee crisis, intending to raise awareness, share stories and encourage people to help in any capacity.

Now a Human Rights Activist, Ted X and United Nations Speaker and Podcaster, I am blown away by the process of advancement Jaz has made to the global refugee community. Because of this, I have decided to donate all streaming revenue from this episode to The Worldwide Tribe. I urge you to go and see what they do, and if you’d also like to donate yourself please use the link below:



- Introducing her refugee foster brothers - 'My adopted refugee brothers; the inspiration for everything I do'

- Jaz's life-changing trip to the notorious Calais 'Jungle' - a refugee camp in a humanitarian emergency.

- Making the switch to the charity sector from a career in fashion.

- Founding The Worldwide Tribe: a space for refugee storytelling.

- Hindering misconceptions of refugees and how we can help.


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