Loni Kai

Loni Kai

By Unresolved Productions

"Fingertips cut off, face smashed in - whoever did it, there certainly was a violent rage."

In the early morning hours of 26 August 2001, Loni Kai was seen walking through the streets of Hillsboro, Oregon. Having gone out earlier that evening, Loni was attempting to hitch a ride back to her home along SW Cornelius Pass Road.

Just a few hours later, Loni's body was found in an overgrown field miles away, near the 27000 block of SW Farmington Road. Whoever had killed her had done so incredibly brutally and then quickly disposed of her body, likely with the help of someone else. Despite not naming any suspects publicly, detectives believe that Loni was killed because of her gender identity, making her the victim of a still-unsolved hate crime...

Researched, written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

Original music created by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music

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