Episode 21: Episode 21 - It’s Not Illegal To Care: The Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill

Episode 21: Episode 21 - It’s Not Illegal To Care: The Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill

By Extinction Rebellion Podcast

The episode begins with the stirring words of XR’s Clare Farrell and Marvina Newton from ‘United for black Lives’ speaking against the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts bill in parliament Square on April 3rd at a Kill the Bill coalition event.

This podcast looks at the oppressive new legislation that Priti Patel is trying to foist upon us, and at what it means in both practical terms for those organising protests but also in the wider sense of democracy. We explore this with the Lib Dem peer and environmental spokesperson Lord Jonny Oates. Of course, XR is fervently non political in a party sense but Lord Oates has also signed up to the CEE bill which aims to make XR’s three demands into British law so he is an ally.

The bill does many things besides attack our right to protest – it also takes away the rights of traveller communities and includes provisions on trespass, and extends the penalties for many offences but since the government admits that the protest legislation has been geared to limiting the powers of both Black Lives Matter movement and Extinction Rebellion, the podcast focusses on that issue.

Finally we widen the frame with an interview with a tremendous writer and XR activist Jay Giffiths author of Wild and Why Rebel? and ask about whether these political moves can be associated with fascism. How are they related to the Libertarianism incubated in Trump’s America and what parallels can we find from earlier times in history?

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