Sharing 'Common Knowledge' - Spider Hickman

Sharing 'Common Knowledge' - Spider Hickman

By Ceara Carney

Common Knowledge is a new non-profit community based in County Clare, whose goal is to facilitate the sharing of skills we have almost lost over the years. From building a home works with nature as opposed to against, making ropes from scratch, or dyeing your own clothes with natural dyes, there's nothing this community isn't open to sharing! Check out their website, donate to their fundraiser, and stay up to date on Instagram and Twitter @common_k_.

[05:35] What Earthships are.

[13:20] Rekindle Festival

[18:30] Wasted wool

[23:10] How Common Knowledge started

[29:15] What else is involved that isn’t necessarily related to building your own home

[34:30] Empowering women

[43:10] Random Questions!

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