"Dark arts" at the Daily Mail?

"Dark arts" at the Daily Mail?

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The Daily Mail Group - Associated Newspapers - has been accused of 'abhorrent criminal activity' by Doreen Lawrence - mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.

She's lodged a claim in the High Court along with Prince Harry, Elton John, David Furnish, Elizabeth Hurley, Sadie Frost and former Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes.

They allege the papers engaged in unlawful acts - including the hiring of private detectives to hide listening devices inside people’s cars and homes.

On today's episode of The News Agents we take our listeners into the 'dark arts' of journalism from the people who actually exploited others to get their stories.

One is a private investigator who hacked Meghan Markle's data. One was a reporter for the News of the World who was convicted of phone hacking, blew the whistle on his bosses, and now campaigns for better press regulation.

We ask what has happened in the decade since the Leveson enquiry threw a spotlight onto the unscrupulous and illegal way that so many tabloid stories were obtained.

The government has lost its appetite for any further press regulation. But has the public? And how likely is it that further allegations will emerge of as a result of this new case?

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Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

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