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The expectation effect, with David Robson

The expectation effect, with David Robson

By Pandora Sykes

Can the way you think about your body, change the way it works? Can a positive outcome about ageing, actually cause you to live longer?


I’ve been curious about the mind-body axis for a while, and then I read The Expectation Effect by the award-winning science journalist and author, David Robson about how our expectations can shape our experience - and I was fascinated.


Using dozens of jaw-dropping studies throughout history, David explores how thinking a certain way about something, can change the way your body responds. Now, you cannot think yourself fitter, happier, richer. This is not The Secret. But you can also harness the power of your brain’s predictive machine, to live a healthier, longer, life.


David and I discuss the power of ‘reframing’, the effect of placebos and nocebos and the incredible impact of self-affirmation in young people,  and how it can shape their entire future. I hope this episode gives you some tools to take away.


The Expectation Effect by David Robson is out now


Hosted & Exec Produced by Pandora Sykes

Production by Joel Grove

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