Why midterms polling sites are boosting security

Why midterms polling sites are boosting security

By Apple News

British prime minister Liz Truss resigned after a short and chaotic time in office. NBC News has details.

Election officials are responding to threats from 2020-election deniers by beefing up security at polling places so workers and voters stay safe. Reuters is on the story.

Apple News has a guide to voting in the midterms, including specifics for every state.

PBS NewsHour reports on how Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure have civilians facing blackouts.

Bloomberg looks at potential new steps by the E.U. to deal with the emerging energy crisis caused by Russia’s cutoff of critical gas supplies.

A Washington Post investigation finds that hundreds of retired military personnel have been taking big-money jobs with foreign governments, primarily countries known for human-rights abuses and political repression.

CNN has details of a new study that suggests dogs can smell stress in humans.

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