Boris Johnson: Our Next Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson: Our Next Prime Minister?

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In the week to end all weeks, we've lurched from the shortest prime ministerial era *ever* to the potential return of the last PM... who's only been an ex-PM for 45 days. The race to be our next Conservative Prime Minister is well and truly on (again!).

Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt has already thrown her hat into the ring, and the rumour is that former Chancellor Rishi Sunak will follow too.

Jon and Lewis speak to former Special Advisor to Boris Johnson, Henry Newman, about whether the ex-PM will run, and what it means for the party.

And Matt Forde, of the British Scandal podcast, joins Lewis and Jon in the studio to talk about the blurred lines between politics and comedy... and why, if you don't laugh sometimes, you'll cry.

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