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Fashion Minority Report with Daniel Peters

Fashion Minority Report with Daniel Peters

By Neil Thornton + Jack Ratcliffe

The Black Lives Matter movement, a global network that builds power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people had a watershed moment this year with the worldwide protest in response to police brutality. The movement has inspired a generation of activists and organiser to fight and dismantle systemic racism around the world. One man who made the decision to affect change in his own world is Daniel Peters.

The fashion industry has long had a problem with diversity across hires of BAME / POC and female professionals, and it is high time that businesses and brands be held accountable for this lack of change.

Menswear designer, marketeer, event producer and avid Beyoncé fan (naturally), Daniel has launched the Fashion Minority Report – an opportunity to push for a reform of the industry by championing existing talent and nurturing future fashion stars.

In this inspirational chat, we talk to Daniel about the birth of the FMR, his own personal experiences of often being the only person of colour in the room, the benefits to businesses of having a diverse and inclusive staff base and why, in the words of Queen Bey, those who struggle to get a seat at the table should empower themselves to build their own.

“As some businesses within the fashion industry take to their social media to whisper about what they plan to do internally to address the racial disparity, it is essential that the fashion community and the general public hold them accountable."

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