Ep.16 How Finding Your Niche Will Help You Defeat The Odds, with Sharmadean Reid MBE

Ep.16 How Finding Your Niche Will Help You Defeat The Odds, with Sharmadean Reid MBE

By Grace Beverley

Sharmadean Reid MBE is a leading entrepreneur and beauty visionary on a mission to digitally connect like-minded females. She is the founder of The Stack World, an exclusive platform for female founders, leaders and entrepreneurs to connect and share experiences.

Sharmadean is a serial entrepreneur with three impressive startups. Before launching The Stack, Shamadean first took the beauty industry by storm with her business WAH Nails, which featured in collaborations with global brands including Nike and Marc Jacobs. A beauty enthusiast at heart, Sharmadean also developed 'Beautystack' - a booking platform for beauty professionals to gain clients and show off their unique style.

Expanding her life-long mission for female-driven empowerment Sharmadean then launched the Stack to connect like-minded women. With gender equality and female entrepreneurship at its core, Sharmadean started The Stack to provide exclusive business opportunities, education and networking for business-minded women at the cost of just a small monthly fee. Sharmadean stands up for all females and has also expressed her concern over the lack of diversity in investment funding, among just 1 of 10 female founders to receive venture capital funding in the UK in the past decade.


- Founding the trendiest nail bar in London WAH Nails

- The story of BeautyStack and the jump to tech.

- The Stack World: the exclusively female portal for business

- How the odds are stacked against female founders in business

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