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Another new PM, Rishi Sunak

Another new PM, Rishi Sunak

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At 1.57pm this afternoon, Penny Mordaunt's team were still insisting she would make it through to the final run off with Rushi Sunak to become Britain's next prime minister. But, just two minutes before the 2pm deadline, she pulled out of the race, crowning Rishi Sunak as the next Conservative party leader and the UK's first British Asian Prime Minister. It's quite a moment.

Today The News Agents take stock of what we know about him, what we don't, and what his leadership will mean for the rest of the country. We hear from Empireland author Sathnam Sanghera on what it means for him, and do a bit of counting ourselves- cynics will tell you that if you add up all the supporters Boris Johnson claimed to have, all the supporters Penny Mordaunt believed she had and all the supporters Rishi Sunak had you arrive at a greater number than there are Tory MPs. We leave that to your musings without comment...

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