The Death of Joseph Smedley: A Heavy Weight

The Death of Joseph Smedley: A Heavy Weight

By The Fall Line®

In the early morning hours of September 28, 2015, Joseph Smedley, who was an Indiana University student, chemistry major, and Sigma Pi fraternity brother, sent his sister, Vivanne, a strange late-night text message: she shouldn’t try to contact him—he was leaving the country. Vivianne knew something was wrong; she began a near-week long search for her brother that ended when his body was pulled from a nearby lake. A bookbag weighed down with close to 70 lbs of rock was strapped to his body. Joseph’s death was ruled a suicide, and his case was closed. Today, his sister, Vivianne, and a local Indiana podcaster, Stacy Bridavsky, are working to have his case re-examined. 


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