743: Dr. Ramani | How to Protect Yourself from a Narcissist Part Two

743: Dr. Ramani | How to Protect Yourself from a Narcissist Part Two

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Thursday, 27 October

Dr. Ramani Durvasula (@DoctorRamani) is a clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, media expert, and author. Her latest book is "Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility. [This is part two of a two-part episode. Make sure to listen to part one here!]

What We Discuss with Dr. Ramani Durvasula: We're all a little selfish sometimes. So how do you tell a genuine narcissist from someone who's just having a bad day? Is it just our collective imagination, or is true narcissism on the rise (or at least more visible)? Is someone necessarily born a narcissist, or can they "catch" it later in life? Can a narcissist be reformed? How can you protect yourself from a narcissist if just staying 500 feet away at all times isn't a viable option? And much more...

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