Fears of political violence grow after attack on Paul Pelosi

Fears of political violence grow after attack on Paul Pelosi

By Apple News

There are fears of an increase in politically motivated attacks after the husband of House speaker Nancy Pelosi was attacked in the family home. The Wall Street Journal has more.

Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva made a comeback win in a contentious election. The BBC has details.

South Korean authorities are investigating a crowd crush during Halloween celebrations on the streets of Seoul that killed more than 150 people. The Guardian has on-the-ground reporting.

The deadly collapse of a bridge in India came days after it reopened after renovations, NPR reports.

Dozens of people are dead in a tropical storm in the Philippines that brought heavy rain, triggering landslides. Reuters is following the story.

The Washington Post lays out how the Supreme Court will weigh the question of affirmative action in higher education in two separate cases. And it takes a closer look at the facts and history of one of the cases, brought against UNC.

CNN tells the surprising rescue story of how a Colorado train passenger looked out the window and spotted a missing, injured hiker.

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