27. Keep Quiet

27. Keep Quiet

By Rose Eveleth

The End.

Vanguard Estates is a production of Flash Forward. The story was written by me, Rose Eveleth; edited by Ace Tilton Radcliffe and Georgia Wyatt; and produced by Ozzy Llinas Goodman. The sound design is by Mischa Stanton and music is by Ilan Blanck

The voice actors for Welcome to Vanguard Estates are:

Marcus Jones -- Keith Houston Imani Jones -- Shara Kirby  Robot #1 -- Ashley Kellem Amy -- Chelsey B Coombs  Vanguard Estates Representative -- Aiya Islam  Missy -- Anjali Kunapaneni  Robot # 2 -- Brett Tubbs  NPR Host -- Sandhya Dirks 

An earlier version of Vanguard Estates was originally performed live for Pop-Up Magazine

You can also play through a web version of the story at flashforwardpod.com/vanguard, which features really cool illustrations by Mattie Lubchansky.

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