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How Israel's Far Right brought Bibi Netanyahu back

How Israel's Far Right brought Bibi Netanyahu back

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As we record today's episode, Benjamin Netanyahu - currrently on trial for corruption charges - is about to (re)become Israel's PM. He's been in power for 17 years out of the last 25. And this time, it's all thanks to the Religious Zionism faction - a theocratic movement far far to his right that doesn't altogether believe in democracy. What does this mean for Israel, her neighbours, the Arab vote and indeed long-term peace?

And fresh from PMQs we speak to Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting about deselection, immigration, and taking on powerful 'non-dom' newspaper owners.

Planning: Melissa Tutesigensi

Socials: Georgia Foxwell

Production: Gabriel Radus

Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

Executive Producer: Dino Sofos

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