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Bonus episode - White (Other): Anti-Eastern European prejudice

Bonus episode - White (Other): Anti-Eastern European prejudice

By Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia

Media Storm’s latest investigation looks at a new, post-Brexit era of exploitation targeting Central and Eastern Europeans in the UK. Today’s bonus episode looks at the attitudes behind this exploitation, and asks why a workforce who have proven invaluable were dismissed as undesirable “low-skilled” workers.

Is it just a question of economics, or is it a question of prejudice?

This bonus episode from The Guilty Feminist and Media Storm looks at the role of pop culture, class, geopolitics and history in shaping misconceptions and creating simplistic stereotypes of diverse cultural identities.

The episode is hosted by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia).


Alex Bulat @alexandrabulatKasia Tee @KasiaTee @cursedobjectsukDr Dagmar Myslinska @DagmarMyslinskaMarzena Zukowska and Magda Fabianczyk @polishmigrantsJelena Sofronijevic @jelsofronEliza Meller


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Researcher: Eliza Meller

Media Storm music: Samfire @soundofsamfire

The Guilty Feminist theme: Mark Hodge, Nick Sheldon

Chopin played by: Anait Karpova 

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