Ep.18 Courtney Black: From Personal Trainer To Multi-Millionaire

Ep.18 Courtney Black: From Personal Trainer To Multi-Millionaire

By Grace Beverley


Courtney Black is the 26-year-old serial entrepreneur and 2x Sunday Times Bestselling author who transformed her personal training career into a multi-million-pound fitness business during the pandemic.

Courtney is the founder of the Courtney Black App, an online fitness platform she launched just two weeks before the lockdown with every penny in her savings. Initially launched as an app to be used in tangent with equipment found in a gym, Courtney was devastated when COVID closed sports centres nationwide, forcing her to rethink her business. At a time when people were looking for ways to stay healthy while locked away, Courtney began posting a series of live home workouts on her Instagram, for which she received unplanned media attention and conversion to her app.

As her workouts went viral, Courtney also used her platform to expose fitness fads and myths bred online that she, sadly too, had once fallen for. Having suffered through a vicious cycle of restrictive dieting and undereating, Courtney understands what it means to have an unhealthy relationship with food, an obsession that left her dangerously underweight and still haunts her today. In today's episode, Courtney shares her story of how she went from barely surviving, to thriving. She has not only overcome and recovered from a lingering eating disorder but has grown and scaled a business amidst a global pandemic.


- 'The restriction cycle' and Courtney's personal battle with an eating disorder.

- The story of how she built the Courtney Black App and made it worth millions.

- How can drowning in hard work often act as a detriment to success?

- From founder to leader: Courtney's entrepreneurial journey.

- What's next for Courtney and her app?

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