Artivism in Theatre, Jewellery, & More - Maeve Stone

Artivism in Theatre, Jewellery, & More - Maeve Stone

By Ceara Carney

Only this year did I get to meet and work with Maeve for the first time, on a youth led climate project called Rising Tide (which is definitely worth checking out). Having known of her brilliant human rights and environmental activism through art for a long time, I'm only DElighted to finally have her on the show. You can check out her website here, where there's also a contact page, or follow her on Twitter @maevestone.

[06:30] How Maeve went down a path of activism.[09:40] Change of Address & Direct Provision.[14:30] Defining artivism and her favourite examples.[20:40] Ireland’s role as storytellers in the climate movement.[24:35] Maeve’s suggestions on how we can be more inclusive.[30:40] 'How Do We Start?' book, and curiosity.[33:40] Stone Circle Jewellery.[45:10] Sustainable tips.[51:40] Random question: teleportation & fast travel

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