Does Extreme Protest Work - Just Stop Oil? Or Just Stop?

Does Extreme Protest Work - Just Stop Oil? Or Just Stop?

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When Liz Truss was looking to galvanise not just the Tory party but the nation in her conference speech, she turned to Just Stop Oil protesters for help. She believed their fractious, disruptive, an d potentially dangerous tactics would make her 'anti growth' point better than any positive messaging she had hitherto used. As it turned out, she's now gone and they are still here - this morning blockading several more parts of the M25 motorway in the UK as the COP27 climate conference got underway in Egypt.

So on today's The News Agents we ask whether extreme protest makes you sit up...or throw up. Jon and Emily have a (mini) row about whether shock tactics can ever bring the public on side.

And we have veteran protestor Peter Tatchell in the studio- recently detained in Qatar - who has a message of his own for Just Stop Oil.

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