US Midterms: Has Donald been Trumped?

US Midterms: Has Donald been Trumped?

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We've been up all night waiting for the US midterm election results to come through so you could wake up at your leisure.

TLDR: Trump-backed candidates didn't really take off, Trump's Republican rival soared to victory and the Democrats look - at the time of recording - as if they've emerged with less damage than they might have feared. What does that mean for the next presidential contest? Does it allow Biden to seek a second term? Will it put Trump off his BIG ANNOUNCEMENT next Tuesday? And what does it tell us about how America is feeling right now?

Also - as predicted on Monday's The News Agents - Charmer-in-Chief Gavin Williamson...sorry SIR Gavin Williamson has resigned from cabinet. He's got a message on anti bullying for the kids.

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