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2.10 Polyamory: Love and the limits of the law - with Leanne Yau aka Poly Philia

2.10 Polyamory: Love and the limits of the law - with Leanne Yau aka Poly Philia

By Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia

Warning: Some strong language 

Imagine getting fired for your relationship status. Imagine a nosy neighbour deciding they knew what was better for your children. This is the reality for polyamorous people across the UK and abroad. Should we be legislating against their discrimination, rather than their perceived ‘deviation’?

This week, Media Storm speaks to polyamorous people who are trying to love within the limits of the law. We hears from top experts in the field, including Dr Sheff's 25-year-long study on polyamorous families, and the newly-formed UK Polyamory Association on changing the Equality Act. 

Helena and Mathilda are joined in the studio by Leanne Yau - aka ‘Poly Philia’ - to discuss how polyamory is represented in the media, demystify the common stereotypes (they're not always having orgies all the time!), and dissect some of the latest headlines about apparently mythical ‘throuples’ and ‘threesomes’.

The episode is hosted by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia), with research by Eliza Meller. The voice of 'Jane' is Olivia Baker. The voice of 'John' is Shaun Wood.


Leanne Yau @polyphiliablogMatthew Neale @matthewgnealeGiulia Smith and Eunice, UK Polyamory Association Elisabeth Sheff Jessica Levity Daylover @remodeledlove


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