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Introducing: Big Fish with Spencer Matthews

Introducing: Big Fish with Spencer Matthews

By Global

Hey listener. We have a podcast we think you might like...

It's called Big Fish with our very own, Spencer Matthews.

Each week he'll be speaking to leading CEOs, inspiring entrepreneurs, incredible designers and other famous faces to find out what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles and be the best at what they do.

"For years I was trapped in a cycle of excessive drinking. I became subdued, a half-version of myself and began to realise the damage alcohol was doing to my relationships and career. In 2019, I became sober. It was the best decision I'd ever made and inspired me to start my own business. CleanCo is now the largest independent non-alcoholic brand in the UK"

Episode 1 with Ant Middleton and Episode 2 with DJ Fat Tony available now. Listen and subscribe on Global Player.
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