The Renting Crisis: why is it so bad?

The Renting Crisis: why is it so bad?

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We often hear about mortgage rates going up, but perhaps not enough scrutiny is paid on the private renting sector... a sector that has enormous demand, and next to no supply. It's a sector that burns a mile-wide hole in the coffers of students, young professionals, families and many more. The Mini-Budget just seven weeks ago exacerbated the crisis to near breaking point.

But who's to blame? And how do we fix it?

We speak to an estate agents in London, a landlady with half a dozen properties, and the housing correspondent for the i paper and author Vicky Spratt and Vanessa Warwick, founder of Property Tribes, a forum for private landlords.

And we cast our glance across the Atlantic to the US, where the results from the mid-term elections, and the political ramifications, continue to unfold. We speak to polling expert and data journalist for The Economist G. Elliott Morris.

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