The Little Rock Slasher

The Little Rock Slasher

By Unresolved Productions

"There is a strong possibility the person who did this continues to work and/or live in our community. He likely has familiarity with the area in which the victims were attacked."

Between August 2020 and April 2021, four brutal knife attacks were reported in the Midtown neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas. The first two victims, Larry McChristian & Jeff Welch, were each murdered in residential neighborhoods in August and September of 2020. The third and fourth victims, Debra Walker and Marlon Franklin, were attacked separately in April of 2021. Only one, Debra Walker, survived, but was treated for more than fifteen stab wounds after being left for dead.

Just weeks after the final two knife attacks, police in Little Rock - aided by the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Team - came forward with information pointing to a burgeoning serial killer. However, in the year-and-a-half since, this aspiring killer has gone quiet, and it remains undetermined whether he has moved on to new territory or is simply biding his time...

To watch the surveillance footage of this unknown offender, please check out the following link at the Little Rock Police Department YouTube channel:

Research, writing, hosting, and production by Micheal Whelan

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