#314:  Who Is Your Child Becoming & What Is Your Role?

#314: Who Is Your Child Becoming & What Is Your Role?

By Erin Royer, MA Clinical Psychology, Child Development Specialist

Every parent knows from the earliest day that their child(ren) are unique individuals. Ask any parent to describe their child, even in late infancy and early toddlerhood and they'll give you the most amazing adjectives: curious, friendly, creative, funny, precocious, persistent, brave, social...Parents today want to support their children to develop their strengths and leverage them. We want our children to not just survive in life but thrive, and live with joy, passion and excitement. How do you guide your child while allowing their own drive and motivation, self-awareness and self-efficacy to be the leading factor? This episode dives into this by age starting in toddlerhood ,of creating an environment and opportunity for each of your unique children to connect with and develop their personal strengths, interests and passions.

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