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Why Britain is so much poorer than you think

Why Britain is so much poorer than you think

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Poverty in Britain is bad and it’s getting worse. And yet, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has set out plans to tax the British public more than ever before.

Lewis travels back to Birmingham to visit a community centre which provides food and warmth for the local community, and he’s joined back in News Agents HQ by Torsten Bell, of the Resolution Foundation, and Duncan Robinson from The Economist to unpick the structural reasons of how it can be that the government is taxing more than ever before, yet public services are as bad as they are right now. This all comes with poverty becoming increasingly normalised in British society.

Planning: Melissa Tutesigensi

Socials: Georgia Foxwell

Video: Will Gibson-Smith

Production: Gabriel Radus

Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

Day Editor: Ellie Clifford

Executive Producer: Dino Sofos

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