Douglas Cleaves

Douglas Cleaves

By Unresolved Productions

"Hey, don't shoot, I understand what's going on, don't shoot. We can work this out."

Just after midnight on 19 October 1985, Douglas Cleaves was relaxing with his sister and two of his friends at his home in Anchorage, Alaska. The four had eaten dinner earlier that evening and were watching "Fame" when they heard a couple of loud knocks at the front door. Doug's sister, Susan, got up to get it.

Standing at the door was a masked figure wearing a balaclava, combat gloves, and a tan-colored trench coat, who was holding what looked like a bolt-action hunting rifle. This unknown individual stormed inside and shot Doug five times, ignoring the man's pleas as he lay helpless on the ground, having lost his legs in a terrible accident just a few months prior...

Special thanks to Susan Ludwig, Doug's sister, who has championed her brother's story for several years now. If you know anything about his still-unsolved murder, please reach out to one of the following numbers:

- Anchorage Police Department: (907) 786-8900

- Crime Stoppers: (907) 561-STOP

- Unresolved: (831) 200-3550 or

Research, writing, hosting, and production by Micheal Whelan

"Unresolved" themes composed by Ailsa Traves

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