754: Miki Mistrati | The Dark Side of the Chocolate Industry

754: Miki Mistrati | The Dark Side of the Chocolate Industry

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 22 November

Miki Mistrati (@MrMistrati) is the award-winning director of three international documentaries exposing brutal trafficking and illegal child labor in the multi-billion dollar chocolate industry: The Chocolate War, The Shady Chocolate Business, and The Dark Side of Chocolate.

What We Discuss with Miki Mistrati: How human trafficking, child slavery, and inhumane treatment likely contribute to the production of your favorite chocolate products. Why, nearly two decades after pledging to eradicate child labor, major chocolate companies still cannot identify the farms where all their cocoa comes from, let alone if child labor was used in producing it. How the biggest chocolate companies wield their billions of dollars in profits to keep legislation that would hold them accountable at bay. What we, as consumers, can do to effectively censure these companies and help the people they exploit. How to ensure the chocolate we enjoy is ethically and sustainably sourced. And much more...

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