NDAs, the Power to Silence and Dominic Raab

NDAs, the Power to Silence and Dominic Raab

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Dominic Raab is facing renewed allegations of bullying behaviour. In this episode we turn the clock back to the time he took out a 'confidentiality agreement' -which lawyers tell us is EXACTLY the same as an NDA; a non-disclosure agreement.

In 2011 he refused to release the woman who signed it from being able to tell her side of the story. We hear from Mark Stephens, a solicitor, who shows us how NDAs are being used and abused in the corridors of power. And from Zelda Perkins - former personal assistant to Harvey Weinstein - who was herself silenced by an NDA for 23 years and is now campaigning to change the law to stop NDAs being used to cover up abusive or criminal behaviour.

Her campaign is Can't Buy My Silence. You can find them here: https://www.cantbuymysilence.com/

Planning: Melissa Tutesigensi

Socials: Georgia Foxwell

Video: Will Gibson-Smith

Production: Gabriel Radus

Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

Executive Producer: Dino Sofos

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