182: Living in the messy middle with Emily Richardson

182: Living in the messy middle with Emily Richardson

By Meg Kissack | The Rebel Rousers: Creativity, Inspiration & Dreamchasing

This week I'm chatting to the joyful and colourful Emily Richardson! We chat about over achieving, living in the messy middle, and this episode is SUCH a tonic!

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About Emily Richardson   Emily is a tiny and colourful polyglot and host of the Language Confidence Project podcast. During the pandemic, she lost her job, her home, and two very important people, but she also founded a business, learned Portuguese, and released a series of language journals. Two years later, she is on the way to rebuilding a more colourful, creative and intentional life to help people realise they can learn a language, and they can do it in a way that feels enjoyable and meaningful.   Tea With Emily | Emily's Instagram | The Language Confidence Project Podcast | Emily's links   Resources:

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