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2.11 Menopause, ageism, sexism: What is driving women out of work? - with Karen Arthur and Emma Goswell

2.11 Menopause, ageism, sexism: What is driving women out of work? - with Karen Arthur and Emma Goswell

By Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia

Warning: Some strong language 

Welcome to The Menopause Revolution! A new era for a bodily phenomenon we were once too scared to call by name. Menopause is starting to show its face in our mainstream media, but how accurate is the coverage that has emerged? How much of it is stigma-smashing, and how much of it is scaremongering? And has all this talk resulted in any actual change?

This week, Media Storm speaks to older women in the workplace, with a close inspection of the regularly-reported story that 900,000 women in the UK population have been driven out of work due to menopause. We’ll meet some of the people behind those numbers, assess the reliability of its source, and question whether anything besides the midlife mistress is to blame. Working women often speak of feeling invisible, overlooked and unconfident as they get older, despite becoming increasingly knowledgeable and experienced in their fields. So is it menopause - or good old fashioned ageism and sexism? 

We are joined in the studio by Menopause Whilst Black host Karen Arthur and Effin' Hormones host Emma Goswell to talk about how the media covers menopause, rethink the representation of women in midlife, and pick apart some hare-brained headlines on hormone replacement therapy and more.

The episode is hosted by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia), with research by Eliza Meller. 


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