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Quitters not Fighters? - The Tory MPs fleeing Parliament

Quitters not Fighters? - The Tory MPs fleeing Parliament

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12 Tory MPs have already announced they're standing down at the next election. That includes some young politicians who would once have represented the party's future.

Today, we look at how many more are likely to follow - with a looming December 5th deadline by which they need to submit their names. We speak to Seb Payne - author of Broken Heartlands - and the Tory Peer and Pollster Robert Haywood .

And also to China - where police are now checking the apps on people's phones to learn of planned protests. Rishi Sunak has called for a 'robust pragmatism 'in relations with China. Honestly? There's nothing that new in that - we go back through the decades - to Tiananmen and John Major - to look at how the West has tried to deal with China.

Planning: Melissa Tutesigensi

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Video: Will Gibson-Smith

Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

Executive Producer: Dino Sofos

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