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We’re kicking off Season 3 of “Until It’s Fixed” with a conversation that is top-of-mind for a lot of people right now: Burnout. Of course, it’s hard to talk about burnout without also talking about “quiet quitting,” a phrase we’ve been seeing everywhere lately, from social media to academic journals. Join host Callie Chamberlain and guests Amy Carsto from Optum Behavioral Health and Clayton Farris, actor and content creator, for a talk about what causes burnout, how it affects our health, and most importantly—what we can do about it. 


Introduction | Host Callie Chamberlain welcomes everyone back to a new season of “Until It’s Fixed” with a taste of what’s to come: a new co-host, more in-depth conversations about how to make health care work better for everyone and a focus on how when it comes to your health, everything is connected.

01:30 Recognizing and combatting burnout | Callie is joined by Amy Carsto, an employee assistance program manager from Optum, for a conversation about what burnout is, how it affects us and what supports are available when we find ourselves feeling burned out. 

22:00 The quiet quitting conversation | Clayton Farris, an actor, freelance writer and content creator whose TikTok videos on quiet quitting have appeared on Good Morning America and in the New York Times shares his own journey through burnout and what he’s learned about finding balance. 


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Amy Carsto, EAP Services Manager at Optum Behavioral Health

Clayton Farris, Actor, freelance writer and social media content creator

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