A Nomadic Life in the Forests of Minnesota - Fiona Byrne Ryan

A Nomadic Life in the Forests of Minnesota - Fiona Byrne Ryan

By Ceara Carney

When I put the call out for suggestions of who I should interview on the podcast, Laragh McCann recommended interviewing her old school friend Fiona Byrne Ryan, who packed up her house and job to live in a tent in North Minnesota with her husband and son. How could I not! Fiona and her husband Brandon have been documenting their journey of what it's like to just be on and with the earth. They're about to start documenting the stories of indigenous communities too, so make sure you stay up to date with them on Instagram @wearebradonandfiona and YouTube, and keep an eye on UnHeardEarth.org for when that project takes off!

[05:40] The transition to living in a tent.[14:30] Sharing indigenous stories.[21:35] What was surprised or challenged them when the first embarked on a nomadic lifestyle.[26:00] Could you live in a tent in Ireland?[29:35] Tips for people looking to live more nomadically off the land.[32:25] Unheard Earth - documenting indigenous communities.[37:05] Random Questions!

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