Robert Pickton | The Pigfarm Killer - Part 3

Robert Pickton | The Pigfarm Killer - Part 3

By Thomas Rosseland Wiborg-Thune

The smell was ripe with decomposing food, dirt and mold. They got to the back of the trailer where there wasn’t even a proper bed. Only some sleeping bags and plastic tarp on the floor. Robert Pickton gave Sandra four $20 bills and the pair got naked. Sandra got on all fours and Pickton had sex with her for 5 minutes before ejaculating inside the condom she had made him put on. Afterwards she asked to used the toilet, which he allowed. Once locked inside the toilet, she immediately tried to shoot up more drugs to get rid of the feeling of disgust she felt after having had sex with the foul smelling, dirty and severely ugly man who called himself Willie. This time, however, she was unable to find a suitable vein and couldn’t get high. Annoyed she emerged after about ten minutes and asked to use the telephone. As she was bending over the phone, dialling Stu in order to inform him that she was on the way back with money, she sensed Pickton looming right behind her.






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