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Sober Curious

Sober Curious

By Optum


When was the last time you thought about your relationship with alcohol? With trends like 'Dry January,' a lot of people are taking an opportunity to do just that, and they aren’t alone. As the “sober curious” movement gains popularity in the U.S., people have more options than ever to define and redefine how booze does or doesn’t fit into their life. In this episode, host Callie Chamberlain is joined by sober coach Jen Lee Hirst, Optum Behavioral Health's Deb Nussbaum and Bob Poznanovich from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for a discussion about how we’ve historically viewed sobriety, how that’s changing lately and how the health care industry can support people re-evaluating their alcohol use. 


02:20 A personal perspective | Jen Lee Hirst, a “sober coach” and social influencer who promotes an alcohol-free lifestyle, shares her own story of realizing she needed to re-evaluate the way she used drinking to cope with stress in her life. Now, Jen helps other women find more effective ways to manage stress and care for themselves. 

15:40 Changing our habits | Deb Nussbaum from Optum Behavioral Health and Bob Poznanovich of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation join Callie to discuss the ways that the sober curious movement is changing the way medical professionals and the health industry think about helping people who want to cut back on drinking alcohol. 


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Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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Jen Lee Hirst, Sober coach and founder of Lighthouse Sobriety 

Deb Nussbaum, PhD, LCSW, Senior Director at Optum Behavioral Health

Bob Poznanovich, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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