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Channel 4 Privatisation is OFF: The Scoop

Channel 4 Privatisation is OFF: The Scoop

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A letter sent from Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was intercepted by our very own Lewis Goodall before it was ever made public.

In it, she sets out her reasons for ditching Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries' plan to privatise Channel 4. Cue sighs of relief at Channel 4 and howls of frustration from a previous culture secretary who saw her own work being undone. We discuss what the move says about this government's direction of travel - and take in Rishi Sunak's first big speech of 2023.

Also - what on earth is going on in the US Congress? Absolute scenes as the Republicans struggle to complete the first and fundamental act of Congress: the formality of choosing a Speaker of the House.

Socials: Georgia Foxwell

Video: Will Gibson-Smith

Planning: Alex Barnett

Production: Gabriel Radus

Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

Executive Producer: Dino Sofos

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