"Omar m'a tuer"

"Omar m'a tuer"

By Unresolved Productions

"The dying woman who points at her own killer - it was like a bad novel by Agatha Christie."

On Monday, 24 June 1991, 65-year-old Ghislaine Marchal had plans to meet up with a friend for lunch in the French town of Mougins. When she failed to respond to any phone calls or attempts to rouse her inside of her home, friends contacted her home's security company, and eventually, law enforcement.

Police arrived at the property later that evening, and during their search, became interested in a an annex leading down to a cellar. There, behind a barricaded door, they'd find Ghislaine's body, along with a message written in blood...

Research & writing by Olivia Paradice

Hosting & production by Micheal Whelan

"Unresolved" themes composed by Ailsa Traves

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