S1 E10: Dirtea: Making mushrooms mainstream

S1 E10: Dirtea: Making mushrooms mainstream

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Would you replace your morning coffee with a cup of mushroom powder?

Andy and Simon Salter think you should. The brothers co-founded Dirtea 18 months in 2021, as part of a movement to make functional mushrooms accessible to the masses. Their business is now the market leader in its field and they’re working to destigmatise and educate people on the health benefits. Thousands of people all over the UK are now drinking their products, which are consumed like tea or coffee, on a daily basis. Dirtea is said to sharpen your focus, strengthen your immune system, improve your sleep and soothe stress, amongst many other benefits.

The co-founders of Dirtea say the health benefits and claims contained in this episode can be supported by research papers found on PubMed and mushroomreference.com, which is a curated list of references relevant to scientists who are curious about the effects of mushrooms.

If you have any further questions, we recommend you speak to your nutritionist or GP.

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