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Is Labour shifting on Brexit?

Is Labour shifting on Brexit?

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It's been said for years that Labour have been too scared to touch the political lightning rod of Brexit, for fear of losing yet another general election.

But, what if that dial is shifting now? What if Keir Starmer's party feel so comfortable in their lead in the polls that the question of Brexit is reopened? He's been in Belfast, today, outlining measures that would soften the terms of the Brexit the UK subjected itself to two years ago. We talk to Labour MP Chris Bryant, and political commentator Steve Richards about whether Starmer is playing his cards right.

And, the epidemic of homelessness gets worse. Lewis visits a food station in Central London to talk to the homeless about a crisis and speaks to the CEO of Shelter Polly Neate about the increase of families without a permanent home.

Research: Megan McElroy

Socials: Georgia Foxwell

Video: Will Gibson-Smith

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Production: Gabriel Radus & Ellie Clifford

Editor: Tom Hughes

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