Linda Malcom

Linda Malcom

By Unresolved Productions

"There are a lot of actions this killer took. Stabbing her 18 times, setting the house on fire.... They took additional measures that weren't necessary to kill her, a level of overkill."

In the early morning hours of 30 April 2008, authorities in Kitsap County, Washington were contacted by residents in Port Orchard. There, along the 1100 block of Sidney Avenue, a fire had broken out, and just before 4:00 AM that Wednesday, the flames had become evident to sleeping neighbors.

Firefighters quickly put out the flames and discovered the remains of the woman that lived inside, 47-year-old Linda Malcom. A Navy veteran, Linda had lived in the home for over a decade, and was prepared to move to nearby Bremerton just days later. Yet, before she could take this next step in her life, an unknown subject had stabbed her to death and then set her longtime home on fire...

Special thanks to Jennifer Bucholtz and George Jared, who have taken on Linda's case as their next case to highlight. Jennifer and George have highlighted similar stories in the past, helping some cases find resolution, and hope to do the same for Linda's story. If you'd like to follow their progress, please follow along in their Facebook group, "Unsolved Murder of Linda Malcom," which can be found at the following link:

If you know anything - or think you may know anything - you are encouraged to reach out to Jennifer and George, or can directly contact the Port Orchard Police Department at the following:

Phone: (360) 876-1700Email:

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