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Havana Syndrome: A New Podcast from VICE

Havana Syndrome: A New Podcast from VICE


Today we are sharing an episode from one of our newest series – Havana Syndrome. In 2016, a mysterious, debilitating illness begins to afflict American diplomats and spies working abroad – first in Cuba, and then around the world. Victims report crippling neurological symptoms. Some describe the feeling of being hit by an invisible, directed pressure while they were stationed on government property, or sometimes standing in their own homes or hotel rooms. Is this bizarre illness the result of a weapon? Is it mass psychosis? Or something else entirely?

Award-winning journalists Jon Lee Anderson and Adam Entous take listeners to the heart of this saga in Havana Syndrome, a new podcast from VICE World News. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

Havana Syndrome is hosted and reported by Jon Lee Anderson and Adam Entous, and produced and reported by Julia Nutter, Jesse Alejandro Cotrell and Ramon Campos Iriarte. Edited and executive produced by Annie Aviles and Kate Osborn. Original composition and sound design by Steve Bone. Production support from Pran Bandi.

Janet Lee is Senior Production Manager for VICE Audio. Fact Checking by Nicole Pasulka. Charles Raggio is the head of VICE Audio.

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